Traumatic gun PDT-9T “Esaul”

Country producer Russia
Caliber (mm) 9
Year 2005
Fire Modes Single
Image source
Cartridge 9 mm RA
Barrel length (mm) 121
Production Status
The diversity of the modern market for traumatic weapons amazes an unprepared layman with its variety and price breakdown for individual models of traumatic weapons. At the same time, one cannot fail to notice that a small traumatic pistol of a compact class can cost much more than a traumatic one with its appearance inspiring fear. It is clear that as a means of self-defense a small pistol will be much more popular than a huge sample of traumatism under the edge of a shotgun, which mainly affects the price of a weapon. But do not forget about the quality, which also, except for a rare exception, has a huge impact on demand. Let’s try to figure out what exactly determines the low price of the Esaul traumatic pistol, its dimensions or the quality of the weapon.
The Esaul traumatic pistol itself is a very simple weapon, based on a free-bolt circuit, but devoid of the original ability to fire automatically, unlike the original. In general, it must be said that if it were nevertheless allowed to enable the traumatism with the possibility of automatic firing, then even though the PDT-9T traumatic pistol can only use relatively weak cartridges, this weapon would be popular even now, even in case the limit on the maximum magazine capacity of 10 rounds remained. The main weak point of this model of trauma, as in most models of traumatic weapons of the time, is the barrel. The fact is that this is not just a thin-walled barrel, it’s a shame to call it a barrel even in the context of a traumatic weapon, it’s rather a pipe that can be bent with little effort. Since 2009, the pistol’s barrel has become thicker, but a change in the barrel’s design only aggravated the situation, since now instead of two welded protrusions, the pistol received two indentations, which reduced the barrel’s strength in the indentation points, however the infrequent use of even Slaughter + ammunition is allowed, but only for purposes self-defense, since this at times reduces the already low resource of weapons.