Traumatic gun IZH-78-9T

Country producer Russia
Caliber (mm) 9
Year 2004
Fire Modes Single
Image source
Cartridge 9 mm RA
Barrel Length (mm) 63
Status Discontinued
The class of compact traumatic weapons until recently was considered incomplete and the choice among models that can fit in a clothing pocket is very small. Nevertheless, one of the compact traumatic pistols appeared on the domestic market almost together with the first models of small-caliber traumatics in 2004, and it must be said that in many of its parameters it was ahead of the “adult” weapon models at that time and could no longer compete with them level of additional weapons, but as a full-fledged example of traumatism. It will be about the traumatic pistol IZH-78-9T.
The IZH-78-9T traumatic gun appeared thanks to the efforts of the Kolchuga company, however, like the other first traumatic samples. I must say that the traumatic pistol did not create much excitement, since most owners of traumatic weapons either preferred to buy the well-known Makarych, or wisely chose weapons under the traumatic cartridges of 18x45T. However, it is impossible to say that this traumatic pistol was ignored, first of all it was purchased by those who didn’t think enough of one traumatic model for self-defense, and naturally, due to the low weight and dimensions, the IZH-78-9T traumatic pistol became a “female” weapon .
The main advantage of this traumatic gun over other models of that time is that it is made entirely of steel, while if we compare in quality with IZH-79-9T, then PSMych will have an advantage. For unknown reasons, it is made of better quality, although the first and second models are not altered from military weapons but are created completely from scratch. However, a higher quality gun does not mean that it has no problems. As always, for the “Izhmekhovskaya” traumatism the weak point of the IL-78-9T was the weapon barrel.