Traumatic gun Fort-10R

Country producer Ukraine
Caliber (mm) 9
Year 2010
Fire Modes Single
Image source
Cartridge 9 mm RA
Barrel Length (mm) 77
Production Status
The name of the traumatic pistol Fort-10R is currently causing quite a lot of confusion among fans of traumatic weapons, the fact is that under this name two albeit similar, but still different models of weapons were produced and often the appearance of different pistols with the same name “Fort-10R” on the casing-shutter leads to some confusion. Therefore, in order for all questions to disappear, you must immediately make a reservation that in this article we will consider the Fort-10R traumatic pistol without a bolt delay and with a plastic frame, and the Fort-10R, which bore this name initially, was renamed to Fort-9P and for this moment its production is suspended.
In general, for such a confusion with the names of weapons, we must say a huge “thank you” to the arms manufacturer, since often when talking about the Fort-10R traumatic pistol, if you don’t specify the details in advance, the interlocutors may have in mind two completely different traumatic pistols, although the first and second belong to a compact weapon and have a lot of common elements. But we will not go into the issues of assigning names to weapons, but we hope that in the future there will be no such substitution of pistols, which of course no one can guarantee. The current Fort-10R traumatic pistol is in many respects similar to the Fort-9R (in the past Fort-10R), in general it would be possible to say that these pistols are identical, if not for a number of details. First of all, the Fort-10R traumatic gun has a plastic frame, which significantly affects its weight in a positive direction. At the same time, the plastic frame of the weapon is reinforced with steel inserts and completely eliminates contact with the moving parts of the weapon during the shooting process, that is, it experiences minimal distributed loads, and this, in turn, makes the life of the traumatic gun the same as for all-steel models. The compact size and the absence of any protruding parts that can make it difficult to remove the weapon from the pocket of your clothes or women’s handbag also only positively affect the convenience of the gun as a means of self-defense.
In general, it is obvious that Fort-9R and Fort-10R are very close relatives, but they can’t even name the modernized model of Fort-10R. First of all, this, of course, is the material of the weapon, but the differences do not end there, so, for example, the Fort-10R has no shutter lag, which, in principle, is not so scary for a compact pistol, if you look back at it like on a means of self-defense. Since optimists do not say so, most people can not even dream of a quick recharge in a stressful situation. Also controversial is the lack of any
safety mechanisms, so you have to carry weapons without a cartridge in the chamber. On the other hand, to “feel” the casing of the pistol shutter is much simpler than a small flag of the fuse, especially to an unprepared person, if he, of course, remembers that he has a gun at all during the attack. In general, the Fort-10R traumatic pistol is deprived of any secondary controls that include a trigger and a magazine eject button, which makes the weapon easy to learn and ideal to carry even in a clothing pocket, of course, with all safety measures.
Уже сложилось исторически, что компактные травматические пистолеты считаются оружием «для девочек». Правда на практике обслуживание компактных моделей иногда бывает даже сложнее чем полноразмерных, но мужская часть населения если и приобретает компактное травматическое оружие, то только в качестве летнего варианта травматики или же второго запасного пистолета, есть даже эстеты, носящие такие пистолеты на ноге, но сейчас не о них. В то же время женский пол хоть и отдает предпочтение компактности оружия, но все равно чаще всего приобретает пистолеты средних размеров, в результате компакт-класс
травматики остается практически за бортом. Компания Форт решила исправить такую ситуацию достаточно оригинальным способом, выпустив травматический пистолет Форт-10Р с хромированными металлическими деталями и розовым пластиком. Сама суть травматического пистолета, да и вообще любого оружия розового цвета, вызывает улыбку, все-таки пистолет это пистолет, да и не продают травматику детям, тем не менее, как показывают продажи этого оружия, розовые Форт-10Р пользуются особой популярностью среди женского пола. Так что оружие вызывающее улыбку тоже может стрелять точно так же как и модели в «классическом» цветовом исполнении. Радует в этой ситуации то, что пистолет веселой расцветки действительно эффективный и долговечный, а не что-то полностью легкосплавное рассчитанное на 10 выстрелов холостыми патронами.
The color, of course, quite clearly gives an idea for whom the weapon is being made, but otherwise the “female” and “male” versions of the Fort-10P pistol are completely identical. For this reason, it can be questioned that such a weapon is ideal for a girl, especially loving the pink color. First of all, it is worth noting that the effort to pull the trigger can reach 6.5 kgf, which will be more than normal for men’s hands, and accordingly without a habit will affect the effectiveness of the shooting. In addition, due to the small weight of the weapon, recoil when shooting becomes more noticeable, naturally this is not the kind of recoil that occurs when shooting from a full-fledged short-barreled weapon, but still affecting the effectiveness of the shooting. For this reason, the Fort-10R traumatic gun, regardless of its color, should be tested and repeatedly owned by the owner, so that there are no surprises when shooting, ideally with this weapon you need to train long enough to know all the nuances that may arise due to poor-quality ammunition, physiological characteristics of the shooter himself and so on. In other words, despite its small dimensions and the “fun” version, this is the same traumatic weapon that requires attention, like other models.