Traumatic gun Esaul-3

Country producer Russia
Caliber (mm) 11.32
Year 2011
Fire Modes Single
Image source
Cartridge .45 Rubber
Barrel Length (mm) 120
Production Status
Traumatic weapons made on the basis of submachine guns or rifles are the most interesting samples, but at the same time very rare among the whole variety of modern traumatics. And even despite the fact that, due to its weight and dimensions, such a weapon is of little use as a daily means of self-defense, it is still produced and there are many people who are ready to purchase it because of the outward resemblance to a full-fledged combat model or simply because of its appearance . Naturally, the appearance of new models of such weapons is rare, but, nevertheless, they periodically appear, most often these are new samples, but sometimes these are already modernized versions of such a traumatic weapon, such as the Esaul-3 traumatic gun.
In general, talking about modernization in this case can only be conditional, since the traumatic ammunition that is used in the gun has been replaced, which means that almost all characteristics of the weapon have changed, so that the Esaul-3 traumatic gun can be considered as an independent full-fledged weapon without reference to its predecessor. Perhaps many will have a question why this traumatic gun has the number 3 in its name, while on the market this is only the second model of weapon. The answer to this question will be Esaul-2, which never appeared on the shelves of weapons stores.
Since the Esaul-3 traumatic pistol uses ammunition that is not the most common for traumatic weapons, it would be nice to say a few words about them as well. In general, many believe that .45 Rubber is the future of traumatic weapons, but no less people are of the opinion that this is a dead end branch of the development of traumatic ammunition. It is difficult to argue with both the first and the second opinion, since both the first and second have sufficiently powerful arguments that are difficult to challenge. So, for example, one cannot disagree with the fact that such ammunition is more traumatic, since a large area of ​​contact with the goal excludes penetrating wounds, unlike 9 mm RA cartridges.