Traumatic gun Erma-459R

Country producer Ukraine
Caliber (mm) 9
Year 2004
Fire Modes Single
Image source
9 mm RA cartridge or similar
Barrel Length (mm) 72
Production Status
Already no one is surprised by the abundance of traumatic variants of the TT, Naganov, and even more so the infinite number of Makarovs, in other words, all modern traumatism, with rare exceptions, can be divided into a remodeled from once combat samples and made in appearance similar to military samples and naturally, the more a common and well-known “grandparent”, the more traumatic is its traumatic version. The number of models is really amazing and many wonder why there are no analogues, say, Glock pistols or such well-known weapons with a century of history like the Colt M1911. And if the first really hasn’t yet appeared to be traumatic analogues, then it’s quite possible to become the owner of almost Colt, and why almost – a little lower.
Saying that you can almost become the owner of the traumatic version of the Colt M1911 pistol, no mistake was made, since it is the Colt M1911 that does not really exist under traumatic cartridges, but there is a very similar version of the EPMA-VERKE traumatic pistol. The fact is that after the end of World War II, the production of self-defense weapons was launched in Germany, which was very similar to the American Colt pistols, it was on the basis of these samples, but already in our time, that one of the options for the traumatic gun Erm was created -459P.
In general, the Erma-459P traumatic pistol is a weapon that can become the basis for creating a completely externally similar traumatic pistol with the Colt M1911, or rather its shortened version. Despite the fact that the operation scheme is different from the original combat pistol, and accordingly the appearance of the weapon does not quite correspond to what is desired, since there are no separate parts, many traumatic enthusiasts purchase this gun and do tremendous work with it to make it at least for the appearance is an exact copy of the Colt M1911 or rather its shortened version.