Pistols Taurus Slim PT 709, PT 708, PT740

Country of manufacture Brazil
Caliber (mm) depending on model
Year 2009
Fire Modes Single
Source image weaponland.ru
Cartridge depending on model
Barrel length (mm) 81
Production Status
Among the whole variety of Taurus pistols, compact models designed specifically for self-defense are separately traced. The company is constantly developing a new compact weapon that would more fully satisfy the consumer, and goes so far that the most successful family of pistols without fail receive a separate branch of a compact class weapon. But now the conversation is about the family, which in itself was initially made compact and convenient, not from some model, but completely independent.
The appearance of pistols Taurus Slim PT 709, PT 708, PT740 fully corresponds to the name of the family of weapons. Indeed, the pistols are distinguished by their thickness, which is only 24 millimeters. This leaves a certain imprint on the convenience when firing from these pistols, apparently for this reason always present in all Taurus pistol families, the .45ACP cartridge option is missing and replaced with a much less powerful .380ACP. In general, a weapon with its appearance produces only positive impressions, but the fact that it is inconvenient to hold is a natural payment for its compact size. But about everything in order and in due time, but we will begin, as usual, with weapons controls.
Of the remaining gun controls, only the shutter delay button, the switch for disassembling the gun and the magazine eject button remain. Talking about each element in detail simply does not make sense, since they do not stand out with anything remarkable. We can only say that all elements of the Taurus Slim PT 709, PT 708, PT740 pistols are made too miniature and planted too close to each other, which causes some inconvenience when using these weapons. I almost forgot about the sights, which consist of a fixed fixed front sight and horizontally adjustable rear sight.
Automation pistols Taurus Slim PT 709, PT 708, PT740 built according to the scheme with a short stroke of the barrel of the gun and locking the bore of the barrel by engaging the barrel and bolt by protruding above the chamber and the window for ejecting spent cartridges. When fired, powder gases press on the bottom of the cartridge case, and until the bullet leaves the barrel, they have enough time to set an impulse for the further movement of the moving parts of the weapon. Being connected to the barrel, the shutter casing begins to move backward, while under the chamber there is a ledge in which a curly cutout is cut out. This cutout includes a pin threaded into the frame of the weapon. As a result of this, the trunk not only moves backward, but also decreases in its breech.