Pistol Taurus PT 99

Country of manufacture Brazil
Caliber (mm) 9
Year 1981
Fire Modes Single
Source image weaponland.ru
Cartridge 9×19
Barrel Length (mm) 141
Production Status
When mentioning the Brazilian weapons company Taurus, revolvers come to mind first of all, mainly due to the fact that in the domestic market this company is known for the traumatic Taurus LOM revolver. However, in countries where short-range weapons are more widespread among the civilian population, this company is primarily known for its licensed copies of the Italian Beretta 92 pistol, the production of which was established back in 1981. A remarkable point is that these pistols are still quite popular, and the various versions of this weapon fully satisfy all the requirements of consumers. In this review, we will consider one of the most unmodified pistol models in comparison with the Italian original – Taurus PT 99.
This gun, like its Italian ancestor, uses 9×19 ammunition, and from the outward view it did not differ much from the original. It is immediately evident that the gun is clearly not light, this is evidenced primarily by its dimensions and the fact that its design does not use alloys or plastic. In general, I must say that the gun is designed in a fairly strict classical style, which obviously will not appeal to fans of the Glocks, the latest FN pistols and others. However, we must not forget about those who prefer weapons completely steel, without the use of the latest trends. It won’t be good or bad, but the fact that this gun has been in high demand for over 30 years suggests that the next 30 years will pass with high sales for it. In general, weapons, despite the dimensions and weight, are quite convenient during operation. The handle, unfortunately, does not have the ability to adjust, although this is easily corrected by replacing the cheeks of various thicknesses, which is not particularly critical, because the weapon is fitted only once.
Throughout the entire production of the Taurus PT 99 pistol, its individual parts underwent changes, however, this most often concerned the entire line of weapons made on the basis of the Beretta 92 or all Taurus pistols in general. The most notable change that made the Taurus PT 99 safer was the addition of a safe trigger release. It is implemented quite conveniently and allows you to safely pull the trigger with a minimum of manipulation of the gun.