The competition for the maximum range of a confident shot has been going on since the very inception of sniping as art of marksmanship. Technological progress and regular wars contribute to its growth, but, of course, this process cannot be called uniform. Breakouts occur, there are periods of calm. One of these periods, which occurred in the seventies of the twentieth century, turned out to be connected with the fact that the most common sniper caliber of that time – 7.62 – exhausted its development potential.

Created in 1963, the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge became the crown of the development of this caliber. He gave the sniper the opportunity to confidently shoot at a distance of up to 1200 m, but he also showed that a further increase in the range of an accurate shot is possible only with an increase in caliber. And the Finnish Lapua specialists solved this problem by creating the famous .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge in 1987. He pushed the line of a well-aimed shot to a mile and a half further.

Of course, shooting at such distances is only possible for the best shooters, and only with weapons of the highest class. Until recently, domestic snipers could get into the elite club “those for a mile” only by imported “invitations”, and only two models on the market could offer a mile for shooting at the maximum range of a cartridge: Erma SR-100 and AMP DSR- 1. Rifles manufactured by Accuracy International, Sako provided a range of not more than 1200-1300 meters. A novelty in the Lobaev Arms range, the long-range tactical sniper rifle DXL-3, allows you to no longer depend on foreign manufacturers.

DXL-3 is one of the new Lobaev Arms projects embodied in an alloy of aluminum, steel and high technology. The basis of this project was the idea to create a rifle on an aluminum chassis with accuracy similar to that of the best rifles with composite stocks. Assessing the result, we can safely say that the idea was successful: the technical accuracy of the new rifle is only 0.35 MOA. Due to what is this result achieved?

The basis of the DXL-3 is the new Duke bolt group, created on the basis of the famous King group – the “heart” of SVLK. Compared with her, Duke was lightened, redone for store-fed meals, but retained the main advantage of the parent – high rigidity. The Duke slide box has an integrated recoil paw, but the Picatinny rail for mounting sights has become removable. Supplied in the basic kit with a rifle, the bar already has a base angle of 20 MOA. By the way, the letter D in the name of the rifle indicates a bolt group. And the letter X – eXtrusion – already refers to the chassis, and more precisely, to the technology of its manufacture.

Shutter DXL-3 is made with three combat stops. The angle required to recharge the turn is 60 degrees. The trigger has no warning and is adjustable in three parameters, while the trigger pull can be adjusted between 0.5 and 1.5 kg.

The bolt group rests on a thick layer of a bedding compound. The purpose of this layer is the effective damping of vibrations that occur during the shot. And, as can be judged by the above technical accuracy, the compound material copes with this task perfectly.

The arising load during the shot is assumed by a rigid bed made in the form of a single part from an extruded aluminum alloy. Its strength, achieved without sacrificing weight characteristics, is the key to a long and reliable rifle service in all operating conditions. Of course, metal is not the most pleasant to the touch material in winter frost or in summer heat. Taking care of the arrow, Lobaev Arms has provided the option of picking the DXL-3 with lightweight carbon pads.

On top of the aluminum chassis is an integrated Picatinny rail for installing IR modules, thermal imagers and other optical equipment. From the bottom and sides of the forend also small slats are installed – for attaching swivels, bipods and other tactical equipment. There is a separate unit for mounting the Harris bipod.



Technical accuracy 0.35 MOA / 10.5 mm between centers (5 shots per 100 m)
Maximum Effective Range 1600 м
Muzzle Speed 900 м/c
Operating temperature range -45/+65 C
Caliber .338LM/.300WM
Length 1350 мм
Height 210 мм
Width 43 мм
Weight 7 200 г
Barrel length 740/680 мм
Trigger pull рег. 500-1500 г
Score 5 мест