DXL – a unique long-range high-precision rifle on an aluminum frame. Having the advantages of a classic design (rigidity and a bedding compound), it is nevertheless made of aluminum preferred by many arrows.

Thus, we are sure that we have extracted the best of the two layouts. This rifle demonstrates more than decent accuracy and is designed for the most severe operating conditions.

The philosophy of this model is the implementation of the maximum range in a particular caliber. Its entire design is aimed precisely at this.

We have developed a new, 30mm shortened in comparison with the DXL-3, magazine slide group for this model – DUKESS – as a development of the KING group installed on SVLK.

Aircraft aluminum stock is foldable for portability when choosing a long barrel.

The match barrel LOBAEV Hummer Barrels completes the picture.


  • Caliber – 308 Win / 6.5-47Lapua (option 6.5-284 Win)
  • Barrel contour – LG
  • Barrel length – 660 mm
  • Dales – 6/li>
  • Muzzle Brake – Integrated Active Muzzle Brake
  • PBS – no
  • HB / TV mount – STD Picatiny
  • Sight Mount – STD Picatinny



Technical accuracy 0.35 MOA\10.5мм
Maximum Effective Range 1200 м
Muzzle Speed 860 м\c
Operating temperature range -45\+65 C
Caliber .308Win
Length 1050 мм
Height 210 мм
Width 43 мм
Weight 6100 г
Barrel length 710\680\600 мм
Trigger pull рег. 500-1500г
Bolt right
Port right
Score 5 places