The weapons factory in Oberndorf am Neckar, located 80 km southwest of Stuttgart, was founded in 1811 by decree of King Württemberg Friedrich I.

The father of Peter Paul and William – Franz Andreas Mauser – worked for most of his life at the Royal Arms Factory in Oberndorf am Neckar. Peter Paul Mauser began his work at this plant at the age of 12 and worked until at the age of 19 he was drafted into the army.

On December 23, 1872, the brothers Peter Paul and Wilhelm Mauser created the company Gebrüder Wilhelm und Paul Mauser.

In 1872, the Mauser brothers bought the Royal Arms Factory in Oberndorf am Neckar from the Württemberg government for 200,000 South German guilders (sometimes called “florins”).

In 1874 – after the transformation – the company became known as Gebrüder Mauser und Cie (“Mauser Brothers and Company”).

In 1922, the company was transformed into Waffenfabrik Mauser AG (Mauser Armory joint stock company).

Subsequently, Waffenfabrik Mauser also owned an arms factory in Borzigwald, a suburb of Berlin (Mauser AG Borsigwalde).

The Mauser plant in Oberndorf am Neckar was destroyed by Allied aircraft in 1945.

After World War II, the Mauser engineers in Oberndorf am Neckar founded the Heckler and Koch company.