Browning machine gun M2

Country producer USA
Caliber (mm) 12.7
Year 1932
Fire Modes Auto
Cartridge 12.7×99
Barrel length (mm) 1143
Production Status
Among the variety of weapons that has accumulated over the many years of the existence of the arms industry, those designs that have been in service for many years and are not replaced by more modern ones are always of interest, since they have characteristics that are not inferior to new weapons. Among these weapons, one can cite many examples: the American Colt 1911 pistol, which from the moment of its creation to the present day has been in the arsenal of the US Army and for all time received only minor upgrades, from the AK-74 domestic weapon, Makarov pistol, from the foreign Bren light machine gun etc. But we will not talk about them, but about the heavy machine gun M2, or rather, the easel machine only according to the documents, in fact, he found a lot of applications, including in aviation, but first things first.
It is an M2 machine gun, as they say, “a classic of the genre.” The automation of weapons was based on a scheme with a short stroke of the barrel, a machine gun is fed from a tape, which can be fed from both the left and right sides, the shells are naturally thrown down. With the shutter, the barrel is coupled using a lever, which also performs the function of a rollback accelerator. It should be noted that the rollback of the barrel and the shutter in the machine gun is thought through from and to, which, in fact, is the main factor in keeping the machine gun afloat for such a long time, as this contributes not only to more accurate and comfortable shooting from a weapon, but also has a positive effect on his job resource. The weight of the weapon varies depending on the modification, but specifically for M2 it is 32 kilograms for the body of a machine gun. The rate of fire of a weapon varies from 450 to 600 rounds per minute. Sights of weapons can be both open and optical of various multiples, which is important provided that effective fire from a weapon can be conducted at distances up to 1800-2000 meters. The machine gun can be installed on a variety of machines, however, the most common is the M3 tripod machine, designed only for ground purposes, but if the machine gun is used as an anti-aircraft weapon, then most often it can be found on the M63 anti-aircraft installation. In addition, this machine gun can be seen as coaxial with the main gun on armored vehicles, several machine guns combined together, on old aircraft, and so on, that is, we can say with confidence that the weapon is universal. However, all this is possible with its modifications, and in order to navigate them confidently, it is necessary to trace the entire path of development of this machine gun.
This weapon is interesting not only because it is a “long-liver,” but also because it uses quite powerful .50BMG ammunition, and as statistics show, large-caliber weapons always cause the greatest interest. This machine gun was developed in 1919 by John Browning, after which it was adopted by the U.S. Army under the designation M1921. However, its modern version is somewhat different from the weapon that was in the beginning. It came to its present appearance only in 1932, in the same year it received the designation M2, and it is from this year that it has been in service with the US Army today. As is clear from the year this machine gun was adopted, he managed to take part in a huge number of wars and conflicts: World War II, the Korean War, the Suez War, the Falkland War, the Indochina War, the Persian Gulf War, the Medaka Pocket, Afghanistan, Iraq , Somalia, everywhere they know what kind of weapon. In addition to the US Army, some countries of the NATO bloc are armed with this machine gun, I propose to analyze in more detail what kind of weapon it is and why it has acquired such a proliferation and is still in no hurry to write it off.
Despite the fact that the machine gun is officially considered easel, he gained his fame not on earth, but in the sky. Indeed, the weapon became recognizable due to the fact that the machine gun was widely used in aviation, so it was installed on the R-40, R-47, R-51 aircraft, as well as on the B-17 bomber, better known as the “Air Fortress”. It was mainly thanks to the latter that the machine gun became famous, or rather snatched a little fame from the legendary bomber.