Barret M90/M95

Country producer USA
Caliber (mm) 12.7
Year of manufacture 01/01/1990
Cartridge 12.7×99 mm
Barrel Length (mm) 737
Production Status
History of creation By 1990, the American company Barrett Firearms replaced the M82A1 self-loading rifle, the M90 ​​rifle was developed. The novelty is compact, simple and accurate. Due to the simplicity of the design, it was cheaper for the treasury than its predecessor M82A1, which was very complex compared to the new rifle. Simplification of the design of the rifle occurred through the use of a manual reloading system and the rejection of automation with a moving barrel, which was involved in the M82A1. The accuracy and accuracy of long-range shooting has improved somewhat, due to the fixed barrel and bolt bolt-and-slide shutter, for the same reason, the cost of weapons has decreased significantly. The compactness of the rifle was achieved through the application of the Bullpup layout principle, which provides for the placement of the trigger mechanism, the cartridge supply system and the magazine receiver behind the trigger with a pistol grip. As a result of this arrangement, the designers retained the effective firing range and barrel length.
Design features and performance characteristics

Distinctive features of the Barrett M90 and M95 sniper rifles are manual reloading, the supply of cartridges from a detachable five-shot magazine and the location of the pistol grip with a trigger in front of the store’s receiver according to the Bullpup layout. Directly on the receiver is a rubber butt plate. The barrel bore is locked by turning the bolt, which is fixed by three combat stops. The charging handle is located on the left.