12.7 mm sniper systems 6С8, 6С8-1 are designed to perform special fire missions to defeat lightly armored and unarmored weapons and military equipment, as well as openly located manpower, including personal protective equipment, single, group targets and other technical means at ranges up to 1500 m.
  • The index of the 12.7 mm sniper complex with optical and night sights is 6C8.
  • The index of the 12.7-mm sniper complex with a telescopic sight is 6C8-1.

Ammunition used:

  • 12.7 mm sniper cartridge 7N34;
  • 12.7 mm BZ cartridge with a B-32 bullet;
  • 12.7 mm cartridge BZT-44;
  • 12.7 mm cartridge BZT −44M.


    Caliber mm 12,7
    Weight of a rifle with a magazine (without cartridges), without an optical sight, without accessories, kg 12,5
    Rifle length mm 1420
    Barrel length mm 1000
    Muzzle velocity of a bullet of a sniper cartridge 7N34, m / s 770-785
    Sighting range, m: with a telescopic sight: 1500
    Sighting range, m: with a mechanical sight: 1000
    Rifle reload mechanism manual
    Warranty resource, rds 3000
    Magazine capacity 5